Class of 2021

Congratulations to the Class of 2021. We wish you all the best and look forward to following you on your journeys!


Ontario Scholars

51 had an admission/final average of over 90%, including

27 with an average of 95% or higher (these numbers were 37 and 10 respectively in 2019-20)


Class of 2021

Program Choices

Destinations (Confirmed as of May 31):

Carleton 4

Dalhousie 5

Guelph 1 King’s-Hfx 2

McGill 6

Queen’s 9

Toronto 8


Waterloo 4

Western 16

Western-Huron 3

Wilfrid Laurier 4 Humber College 1 Colgate (NY) 1 Loyola- Marymount (CA) 1 Pepperdine (CA) 1 Edinburgh (UK) 1

80% of students were accepted to the school and program of their first choice

74% of the Class of 2021 are attending a university in Ontario

Highest number of Arts /Humanities/ Social Sciences matriculants in recent memory

Despite multiple out-of-province offers, the vast majority of students have opted to stay in Ontario


students are pursuing double degrees, including 6 who enrolled in Western Ivey’s HBA

For the 3rd year running, over half of the graduating class has an admission average of over 90%

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