Faculty and Staff News

Years of Service

Thank you to the following staff and faculty for their dedicated service:

Five Years

Emily Johnson Greg Seale Steve Turner

10 Years

Steve Beatty Alison Hart Lauren Alpern Margaret Nozuka Mike Ruscitti

15 Years

Jay Kearsey Nadya Habib

20 Years

Glen Algarvio Sean Loucks Aaron Payne Dianne Ryan Janet Stephenson Tom Stevens Shirley Wagar

35 Years

James Leatch

New Hires

Welcome to our new staff members:

  • Ashfaq Aziz (Faculty Member, Department of English)
  • Joseph Bush (Associate Teacher, Science and Lab Technician)
  • Holly Clarke (Advancement Services Associate)
  • Ian Fleming (Director of University Counselling)
  • Roma Francis (Modern Languages, Spanish and French)
  • Michael LeSage (Lead Operator, Maintenance, Angus)
  • Hannah Pfendt (Associate Teacher, Junior School)
  • Lara Pierre (Social Worker, Junior School)
  • Edward Wilson (Middle School Humanities)

RSGC Cousins

  • Junior School teachers Soteira and Justin Briginshaw welcomed Kailo Tala in June 2021. A younger sibling for Evryn!
  • Junior School Humanities Teacher Edward (Ted) Wilson and his wife Andria welcomed their second child, Gavin, in July 2021.
  • Congratulations to Directory of University Counselling Ian Fleming and his partner Ulla, whose daughter Nalea was born in July 2021.
  • Junior School Social Worker Danielle Rovinski-Bannon and her husband Cameron became first-time parents to baby Everett Samuel in August 2021
  • Welcome back to Junior School STEM teacher Kate Hubbs, Senior School Math teacher and Senior School Learning Strategist Tara Ardila, who have returned from maternity leave.