Message from the Guild

Sydney Stoyan, President 2020-21

The Georgian Parents Guild is a volunteer association dedicated to supporting the academic, social, physical and spiritual environment of the students in the school, in partnership with the Headmaster and the school community. The Guild’s purpose is to foster parent connection. We believe parent involvement creates an enduring, engaged community. With dedicated volunteers—some of whom volunteer one hour a year and others who volunteer one hour a week—we strive for meaningful teamwork executed with integrity and kindness.

2020-21 Georgian Parents’ Guild Executive Sydney Stoyan

President Sarah Balzer

Vice President

Caron To


Adair Roberts

Treasurer Amanda Ploughman

Past President

A Thriving Parent Community

How fortunate that the Georgian Parents Guild redefined its purpose in June 2020, several months into the pandemic: our refreshed commitment to parent connection through culture and conversation could not have been put to a more rigorous test, as we spent much of the 2020-21 year under pandemic lockdown restrictions. I am happy to report that despite everything, the Georgian parent community positively thrived, with a variety of new and inspired events and clubs, and impressive numbers of unflaggingly cheerful volunteers. Our monthly Guild meetings alternated between morning and evening timings, but were all conducted on Zoom. The ease of "gathering" in this way, and the very real desire to connect in anxious times, produced a record number of attendees, with between 30 and 75 screens logged on per meeting. In the early fall, when protocols permitted, we hosted breakfasts at Pauper's Pub and weekend class hikes throughout the city's parks—both new initiatives. Although the rest of the events were online, they were regular and robust in turnout (the Mistletoe Market Cocktail Party saw 131 RSGC families celebrate together!). We aimed to provide a variety of programming—cultural, educational and social. From October 2020 to June 2021, we had five Parent Connections events, ranging from themed suppers to wine and cheese tastings, with online socializing and meal kits delivered to our doorsteps. We hosted a Film Night, an Art Night and a yoga therapy series. New clubs included the Kitchen Party—a gathering of folks to chat cookery and whatever else—and a Book Club. A Social Justice Committee was struck in September; it shared online resources throughout the year and culminated in an interactive workshop on micro-aggressions.

The increased focus on community was requisite for our spirits, but of course the Guild also has a legacy of fundraising. And while the College graciously offered to be flexible regarding our regular monetary contributions because of the pandemic, thanks to the dedicated leadership of our volunteers and the generous participation of our Georgian families, we were able to transform our signature fundraisers, Mistletoe Market and the Cheese Sale, into virtual affairs. The SPARK Entrepreneur boys deserve a special mention: they built essential digital platforms to support our efforts. It is with great pride that we donated $65,000 towards our outstanding Capital Campaign pledge, as well as $15,000 toward student bursaries. We were also delighted to treat our beloved RSGC faculty and staff to deluxe cocktail kits in November 2020 and to a boxed luncheon in September 2021, as a replacement event for the Staff Appreciation Lunch traditionally held in Ketchum Hall in June. The Guild participates in the inter-school NISPA organization, and we learned that most independent schools reported a lack of parental engagement and few events, due to restrictions and the reliance on virtual interactions. Happily, wonderfully, the Georgian community was not to be constrained by our small Zoom squares: our genuine connectedness flourished and laid a fresh foundation for the better times to come! I am so appreciative of my Executive team—Sarah Balzer, Caron To, Adair Roberts and Amanda Ploughman—who pivoted and prevailed and shared many a laugh in a tough year. Thank you all. It was a true privilege to serve as Guild President. Sydney Stoyan Guild President 2020-21 (Jacob Buchan '21 and Gabriel Buchan '24)

Mistletoe Market

131 families attended the first-ever virtual Cocktail Party; 416 individual cocktails delivered; 60 cocktail kits delivered gratis to staff and faculty as a Guild gift

$27,990.07 raised, including

$16,758.55 from the silent auction and

$518.66 from raffle baskets

Used Textbook Sale

$6,935 raised


donated towards our outstanding Capital Campaign pledge


donated toward student bursaries

Cheese Sale:

first-ever virtual/10th annual Cheese Sale; 1,264 pieces of cheese personally delivered by 14 Guild volunteers; 62% of orders included cheddar.



Social Justice Committee


resources posted on the portal

14 parent ambassadors

did 27 Q&A's over Zoom during the Admissions period

Parent Connections


people at Pauper's Pub for 2 live breakfasts in Fall 2020



big online wine tasting/supper events:


families for June (grads and non-grads enjoying cocktails and champagne)


families for online wine and cheese in October 2020


families for January Caribbean supper


families for online train trip in March


families for Earth Day farm-to-table Ontario supper

Georgian Parents Guild Volunteers

Thank you to the dedicated efforts of a team of over 150 volunteers who have committed their time, energy, enthusiasm and talents to support RSGC throughout the year. It couldn’t be done without you! We do our best to include everyone's name and apologize if you were missed. We appreciate everyone's contribution.

Mistletoe Market

Anastasia Kanellopoulos, Convenor Magda Nicola-Lalonde, Convenor Tim Costigan, Cocktail Party Leila Amirfeiz, Silent Auction Lynne McEachern, Vendor Relations Cheryl Heike, Logistics and Deliveries Erica Pecoskie, Raffle Baskets

Cheese Sale

Glenna Talbot, Convenor Duncan Coutts Molly Cox Liz Newton Heather Pearce Cheri Rorabeck Clare Samworth John Sayers Krista Sutton Sandra Waldie

Parent Connections

Tim Costigan

Used Text Book Sale

Molly Cox

Used Uniform Sale

Daphne Pressman

Community Service

Merle Armstrong Laura Strain

Parent Ambassadors

Merle Armstrong, Convenor Sarah Balzer Asha Daniere Simone Friedman Paz Galarce Anastasia Kanellopoulos Anne Masson Liz Newton Miranda Rand Clare Samworth John Sayers Sydney Stoyan Laura Strain Lynne Woollcombe Gloria Yusishen

Class Parents

Kari MacKay, Convenor

Grade 3 Class Parents

Miranda Rand Meredith Roth

Grade 4 Class Parents

Stephanie Lewis Julie Mitz

Grade 5 Class Parents

Nikki Hawke Leslie Finnigan

Grade 6 Class Parents

Natalie von Teichman Pat Quintero Meredith Roth

Grade 7 Class Parents

Alli Wolfe Neil Andrew Stephen Tan Fay Dai Ellen Levy Katie Riggs Sarah Hess Shiva Safari Nadia Sapiro

Grade 8 Class Parents

Alyssa Pei Jennifer Bizzarri Karen Atkinson

Grade 9 Class Parents

Sandra Waldie Leila Amirfeiz Lesli Logush Susanne Coutts Nicole Noxon

Grade 10 Class Parents

Andrea McReynolds Cheryl Heike Cynthia Goodchild

Grade 11 Class Parents

Johanna Skippon Kedrin Case Kimberley Garston

Grade 12 Class Parents

Alison Cook Britt Oldenburg Linda Knight

Kitchen Party

Clare Samworth

Social Justice Committee

Nitin Deckha

BYOBook Club

Sydney Stoyan

And in a year of endless pivots and workarounds... Helpers, Packers, Delivery Elves, Couriers, All-Purpose-Whatever-You-Need-Happy-to-Help Georgians:

Shelley Bartle-Reed Duncan Coutts Meena Hans Anne Hodgson Kathleen Mahaffy Scott Mahaffy Andie McGeachie Tracy McManus Suzanne Mitchell Juliet Nelson Heather Pearce Erica Pecoskie Ploughman family Cheri Rorabeck and family Dave Scott Krista Sutton Lynne Woollcombe